Top 6 decoration companies in Dubai (2023)

Top 6 decoration companies in Dubai (1)

Decor companies in Dubai represent the most important factors that have a major role in showing the engineering and architectural beauty of companies, hotels, apartments, villas and palaces. They provide the latest decorations and the most important and beautiful interior designs that give a distinctive and unique touch and help highlight the beauty of the place. Therefore, we will display the best list of design companies in Dubai. The most important information about it.

Decoration companies in Dubai

There are many decoration companies in Dubai, the most important of which are:


  • ALGEDRA was able to top the list of the best interior design companies in Dubai for a number of reasons, the most famous of which is that it provides many wonderful interior design services of high quality.
  • Including offering surveying and interior design manuscripts of all kinds, as it manages commercial projects as well as residential ones.
  • The company provides many distinctive and unique solutions for many different projects, and all interior and architectural designs and decorations were inspired by Western and Eastern cultures, as well as Italian and Greek architecture.
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Office No. 1501, Cluster Way, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • Working hours: 08:30 am - 06:30 pm (Saturday - Thursday)
  • TEL: 9703 363 04

2. سبازيو SPACE

  • The company has more than 11 years of experience. During this period, it has supervised more than 347 private interior designs, and 185 interior decoration and equipment works.
  • The company was able to gain the trust of customers in Dubai and has won a large number of awards, as it has become one of the most famous interior design companies in Dubai today.
  • The company employs engineers in the field of interior design and they are among the most famous experts in this field, and they offer the client many options.
  • The company has made many designs inside offices, companies, restaurants, apartments, villas, councils and many places, so it is possible to communicate with the company through the following points
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1
  • Worktime
  • Sunday - Thursday: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm
  • Saturday: 09:00 am - 02:00 pm
  • TEL: 0011 399 04


  • If you want to get to know the best interior design company in Dubai to renovate your villa interior, The Big Fitout is your best choice.
  • It is worth mentioning that the company specializes in making interior designs and decorations for villas and always strives to provide the best services and a sophisticated design.
  • The company has dealt with many clients that designed their villas and has been able to produce all the decorations and designs as desired by the client.
  • Who are the places that the company made designs for
  • The most famous complexes in Dubai, such as Mudon, Al Barari, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and many other high-end places in Dubai.
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Al Quoz
  • TEL: 4444 709 04

4. Godwin Austin Johnson

  • One of the most important decoration companies in Dubai is Goodwin Austin Johnson, one of the most famous interior design companies in the Emirates.
  • The company mainly designs interiors for hotels, and many diverse properties such as villas, apartments, and real estate.
  • You can view the company's most important designs while visiting the Emirates International School, Al Seef Hotel, Sardinia Residences and the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel in Dubai.
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Umm Suqeim Street, Al Barsha 1
  • Working hours: 08:00 am - 05:30 pm (Sunday - Thursday)
  • TEL: 7555 323 04


  • Many people are looking for decoration companies in order to obtain a simple and elegant interior design because this requires high skills and experience in the field of design and decorations.
  • Therefore, the most important interior design company within the city of Dubai must be highlighted, which is the Design Concept company that employs the most experienced engineers. In this field, the most beautiful and wonderful designs are available through which it was able to form a great reputation and many customers are looking for it in order to deal with it.
  • The most important feature of the company is that it provides all its services at prices that suit all groups, so it is recommended to deal with it if you want a distinctive design along with a limited budget.
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Dubai Investment Park 2
  • Working hours: 08:30 am - 06:00 pm (Saturday - Thursday)
  • TEL: 8108 277 04
  • TEL: 2266 954 055


  • If you want to know more companies specializing in interior design in Dubai, you can search for a company
  • Rower Ballafi Den Interiors, and provides various types of interior designs for real estate, in terms of complete equipment or a simple change in the decorations of the place that you want to change, whether it is the house or the company.
  • The company has a highly trained team that will provide you with the most important designs and many other services.
  • Contact Information
  • Location: Dubai Design District
  • Working hours: 09:00 am - 06:00 pm (Sunday - Thursday)
  • TEL: 8720 509 052

Names of decoration companies in Dubai and the Emirates

There are also many distinguished companies in the Emirates that you can choose from, as follows:

1. Queen Company (Dubai)

It is one of the most important interior and exterior design companies in Dubai. It has a distinguished team that communicates with customers until it reaches the appropriate design that appeals to the customer. All designs are applied and the best designs are chosen for the customer, with a high level of accuracy that dazzles whoever watches. The company can be contacted through The mobile number is as follows
TEL: + 97122012301

2. Sophistication and Elegance Company: (Abu Dhabi)

The company works in the field of design and decoration, and makes every effort to implement the most important designs of high quality.
The company employs the best cadres in the field of decoration in order to ensure that the service reaches customers in a relative proportion to international standards without errors.
Contact Information
TEL: + 97122012309

3. Design Shop Company (Sharjah)

The Design Shop company, based in the city of Sharjah, works in the field of decoration. It distinguishes its work by showing decoration
Classic, and the company provides a variety of classic designs that suit all tastes. You can contact the company through the following contact information
TEL: + 97122012308

4. Al-Wessam Decoration Company (Ajman)

Al-Wessam Decoration Company is one of the most important companies that work in interior designs in the Middle East, and it has all kinds of designs that suit different tastes.
During the period of its work, the company was able to gain the trust of customers, as it provides them with all the designs they desire, in addition to providing all services with high quality that suits international standards.
And all the people who want to reach a company can now communicate through the mobile number.
TEL: + 97122012307

5. Rodina Company (in Fujairah)

Rodina works in designs for residential projects and commercial companies, and provides all of its designs with high quality, and therefore it has a good reputation among customers. It is recommended to deal with the company, as it delivers all its projects on the agreed dates.
The company employs a highly experienced team, and follows up with customers at all stages from the beginning to the final touch, and applies all the notes it takes from the customer so that it can produce a work that suits the customer's taste.
Contact Information
TEL: + 97122012307

6. Al-Jallad Company (Umm Al Quwain)

The most important feature of the company is that it selects the best and best interior designers who have a very large experience in the city of Dubai, so that it can provide wonderful designs suitable for all tastes and customer needs.
It is also distinguished by providing the most important services related to interior designs.
Contact Information
TEL: + 97122012302

Names of decor shops in Dubai

There are various stores that offer their customers wonderful decorative products. You can choose the best for you from the following:

1. Design Factory

Address: 9th floor, Al Salam Tower, Al Salam Street, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street.
TEL: 1113 635 02 | 0067 466 056

2. Portraits for designs and decoration

Address: Al Nasr Tower, behind Medi Clinic, Khalifa Bin Zayed the First Street.
TEL: 3100 442 050

3. Interiors for decoration

Location: Al Salam Street
TEL: 2711 643 02 | 7569 321 050

4. Acumen Decoration

Address: Near Union Metro Station, Deira
TEL: 4004 294 04 | 6450 426 050

5. Mohajer International Design

Address: Westairy Tower 1, Business Bay
TEL: 6221 346 04 | 8426 431 04 | 1482 304 052

Dubai interior designer

  • MY PICK ONE by Marianna Piccolo
  • Interior Design Company Dubai and Fit Out Company Dubai Luxury Antonovich
  • Algedra Interior Design
  • Spazio Interior Decoration LLC
  • Al Zahi Decor - Interior Design & Fit Out Dubai UAE
  • Perfection interior decoration & carpentry
  • Falcon Interior Decoration LLC | Top Interior Design Firms Dubai | Office & Residential Fit OutAcumen Decor
  • Appello Interiors LLC
  • Interior Design & Decoration in Dubai | Dubai Interior Design Kubik décor
  • Muse Interior Design Dubai L.L.C
  • Arcline Decor
  • Visions of Dubai Decoration LLC
  • Inner Space
  • River Island Interior Decoration LLC
  • Rectangle Interior Decoration L.L.C
  • Zylus Interior Design Company Dubai

Best interior design companies in UAE

  • Marimeko
  • Ligne Roset Company
  • Demolition Depot Inc
  • Muji Corporation
  • Alessi Company
  • DwellStudio Corporation
  • Aero
  • HomeStories
  • Closet Factory
  • Conklin Corporation
  • AHG Interiors
  • By Design Interiors, Inc
  • Stalburg Design
  • Design Matters
  • Fiore Interiors
  • Susan Yeley Homs
  • B. Chic Interiors
  • Jennifer Kizzee Design
  • Nate Fischer Interiors

Interior design company in UAE

  • Interior Design Company Dubai and Fit Out Company Dubai Luxury Antonovich
  • Algedra Interior Design
  • Spazio Interior Decoration LLC

Interior design prices in UAE

Interior design prices in the UAE vary according to the effort and time spent, the size of the place and the type of design

Names of decoration companies in Lebanon

  • D&M Decor More
  • Kfoury decor
  • Decor & More
  • the atmosphere
  • LBT Corporation
  • Big Box
  • Carbets lathe
  • Deco Snoop
  • Mobile Top Lebanon Company
  • Interform Lebanon
  • Nemr Sidani Interior Design Lebanon
  • Shakour Lebanon Company
  • Ezz El Din Furniture Company Lebanon
  • Lebanese Appliances Design Office
  • Rima Matraji.
  • Jenin Shammas Company
  • Bernard Khoury Company
  • Wissam Yafawi Company
  • ADP Lebanon Company
  • SK Touch Company
  • Raed Abi Lama Company
  • Sir company
  • DNA company
  • Fara company
  • TopCrate Company
  • David & Nicholas Company
  • Jumana Abu Fadel Company
  • General decor.
  • D&M Decor
  • Decor & More.
  • Kfoury decor.
  • Kojo decor.
  • Lebanon Decor.
  • royal decor.
  • the atmosphere
  • remedial
  • green
  • Mobile Top Company.
  • Interform Lebanon.
  • Shakour Lebanon Company.
  • Ezz El Din Furniture Company.
  • Lebanese Appliances Design Office.
  • Cloisal Middle East Company Lebanon.
  • Lebanon Furniture Elements Company.
  • Deco Plan Lebanon.
  • Villa Lebanon fabric.
  • Ponty Linens.

International decoration company names

  • Line Roset
  • Marimeko.
  • D&M Decor & More.
  • Decor & More.
  • Kfoury decor.
  • Lebanon Decor.
  • the atmosphere
  • Amson Company for Furniture and Decoration.
  • Causeway Qatar.
  • antiquemirror company.
  • MD company.
  • Idea Art.
  • Manetti company.
  • Arca Design Company.

At the end of the article, we have talked about decoration companies in Dubai, and we have provided the most important decoration companies for interior design in Dubai in particular and the Emirates in general. The companies have achieved great achievements in the world of decoration and designs.

Therefore, we have provided contact information for private people who want to make designs in their home or commercial companies, or make renovations of their own designs.

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