Madison Beer Is Over Feeling Seen and Not Heard (2023)

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With the release of her second studio album on the horizon, Beer is ready for the world to truly listen to what she has to say.


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Published on February 15, 2023 @ 08:30AM

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Madison Beer doesn’t care if you don’t love her. In truth, she doesn’t even need you tolikeher, although it’s always an interesting concept: thinking someone would dislike a person who, with hundreds of millions of followers across all of her social platforms, seems to be ratherwell-liked. But as the 23-year-old musician isn’t afraid to admit, there are plenty of people who don’t.

“I think that the right people will listen,” Beer says of making peace with any animosity aimed towards her online. “That's what I've learned the most, is that the people who I'm truly trying to reach will understand, will see it for what it's worth, and will actually, even in the quietest voices, I think the right people will get it."

Why would someone dislike Beer, exactly? Maybe it’s her ability to sing about heartbreak in a way that’s devastating, sexy, and vengeful all at once — especially on her upcoming album (coming soon) — that intimidates people. Maybe it’s the It Girl quality that’s evident in everything from her Instagram feed to the way she speaks to the outfits she wears that haters can’t get over. Maybe it’s the fact that faceless internet trolls feel a need to project their own insecurities onto her, assuming there’s no way that someone as cool or as pretty or as successful as Beer in their eyes could ever possibly experience any sort of hardship.

But ask the singer about her relationship with the massive following she’s been growing since first entering the social media-sphere at the young age of 13, and she doesn’t mention any of this. Instead, she sums up her online presence with the understatement of the century for someone who’s been through what she has, simply explaining, “It can be a double-edged sword.”

“I feel like I've spent a lot of time feeling unheard. I could be shouting a message from a rooftop and people would just be taking pictures,” Beer says, diving deeper into her misunderstood dynamic with social media.

“I think [having a large following while growing up] impacted me negatively in a lot of ways. I think that I am overly paranoid,” she continues. “I think that I'm constantly looking over my shoulder. I think that it's hard for me to trust people. I feel judged by people that I've just met … It's definitely been a lot of undoing as I've gotten older, because growing up, it was nothing but exciting.”

On one hand, Beer is grateful for the following (originally spurred by an “At Last” cover and anow-famous 2012 tweetfrom a certain Justin Bieber) that’s allowed her to release both a successful EP (As She Pleasesin 2018) and studio album (2021’sLife Support) ahead of her sophomore effort’s 2023 debut. On the other, she can now look back on her whirlwind social media-fueled upbringing with the kind of clarity that comes from reflecting on her past and working on herself (both of which Beer has done in spades recently) to get to the point where she can truthfully say that she’s been there, done that, and got the PR-team-sent T-shirt. The way Beer sees social media now? She’s just kind of over it.

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“It's very easy nowadays for people to be like, ‘Oh, you're irrelevant now because you're not getting 10 million views on TikTok,’ and I'm like, ‘Well, I don't care,’” Beer says. “I’m putting that value on real-life things in my real-life relationships and my music and my tour.”

Which brings us to her music. More specifically, hernewmusic — a body of work with an entirely new energy that Beer teases is prepared to explore more than ever before.

“To me, this album is more of a memoir. It's not really about one specific event, but more about specific things that have shaped me into the person that I am today,” Beer says of the album’s overarching themes, though she remains tight-lipped about what exactly those “specific things” are. “I'm trying to do a very good job this time around of keeping things very secret until it's really time,” she admits. “I can't say anything too specific yet.”

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All the Materials From Madison Beer's Marilyn-Inspired Met Gala Dress Were Locally Sourced

What shecansay is that beyond singular themes of heartbreak (one of the main inspirations behindLife Support) or growing up in “a bit of a chaotic household,” her upcoming project contains a mixture of many experiences that all contribute to a “mature, honest, and vulnerable” piece of work that she believes would make her former self — the one that may have been more concerned with what others thought of her — beam with pride.

“I think there are songs [on this album] that I would hear and be like, ‘That's really cool that I've come to a place that I could honestly say those things and not feel ashamed or scared or whatnot,’” Beer shares.

That’s not to say her next album is completely devoid of the kind of heart-wrenching lyrics that’ll take you back to your most cataclysmic breakups — quite the opposite, actually. What differs this time around is that Beer is now able to sing from a place of reflection, drawing on the experiences of relationships past rather than the present. Which is partly because, in case you were wondering, her relationship status as it stands today couldn’t be better.

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“I'm super happy within my relationship, and I feel really safe, and I feel like I'm with someone I consider my best friend, which is very important,” she says when comparing her nearly two-year romance with boyfriend Nick Austin to prior ones. “In the past, I haven't really spent ‘friend time’ with my boyfriend, whereas now, I kind of do. So, it feels good.”

Of course, all of the good currently flowing into Beer’s life couldn’t have happened without a considerable amount of work on her part, professionally and personally. Beer explains that the process of getting to “write emotions down and sort of leave them in the past” when creating an album was “really healing.” She says it also took a great deal of personal development and acts of self-love (namely: boundary-setting) to get to a place where she felt secure enough to share the deepest parts of her soul so freely — something she also plans to do through the release of her memoir,The Half of It, out April 25th.

“I'm just kind of like, ‘You know what, if something doesn't feel good to me or it doesn't feel right, or if I want to remove myself [from] the situation, then I deserve to do so,” she explains of the importance of marking clear boundaries. “I used to not allow myself to speak up, even when I felt like I should have, out of fear, and now I'm just like, ‘I owe it to myself to stand up for myself. Just like I would stand up for my best friend or someone that I really cared about.’”

It’s this very boundary-setting, Beer says, that’s allowed her to completely re-evaluate her relationship with social media — and assess the damages it may have already caused — in order to reach the point where the disapproval of random internet strangers no longer phases her. “Being a mindful young adult, I feel like I'm just looking back like, ‘Wow, I was really so young and I was really in situations I shouldn't have been,’” she says

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On top of that, Beer admits that reflecting on the once-exciting hustle and bustle of her early days in Los Angeles in an unfiltered way has contributed to this change in perspective. “I think that I’ve been super honest with myself and about situations that I was put in that I shouldn't have been,” Beer says of growing up in the party-centric world of social media’s elite. “Those nights where I thought it was cool that I was at these parties or talking to this person or doing certain things, it was actually quite weird and inappropriate.”

Even so, Beer realizes that she wouldn’t be where she is — connecting with fans, touring the world, and continuing to better her relationship with herself — if it weren’t for the exact series of events that have led her up to this point. And while she’ll be the first to admit that she’s done plenty of growing since first making it big on social media back in 2012, Beer maintains that she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey. (Even if she is posting way less these days.)

"I think sometimes I'm keen to say, ‘Well, I would tell her to do this differently or this,’” Beer says of what she would write in a love letter to herself. “And I do believe everything happens for a reason. I do believe that the person I am today wouldn't exist without [my past] mistakes or fuck-ups or heartbreak or whatever. I would probably just tell her that you will find people who do see you. You will find people who do love you. You won't feel the loneliness forever and you'll always figure it out."

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Why is Madison Beer even famous? ›

How was Madison Beer discovered? Beer went viral when Justin Bieber posted a video of her singing an Etta James song. He also signed her to his music label.

How old is Madison Beer? ›

What is Madison Beer up to? ›

Madison Beer is all grown up and her music proves it. The internet star released her debut single, “Melodies,” in 2013 and has continued to drop bangers. Years later, she released her first-ever full-length album, Life Support, in February 2021.

Is Madison Beer still signed to Justin Bieber? ›

It wasn't until Justin Bieber, who was undoubtedly at the peak of his career at the time, tweeted a link to her cover of Etta James' "At Last" and spoke highly of her, that she became a musical sensation. She later signed to Bieber's Island Records, but was later dropped by the label at only 16-years-old.

Did Madison Beer ever have acne? ›

Beer then shared a photo of herself with acne from four years ago: "Did I ever post this? Most definitely not," wrote the singer. The next photo Beer shared to her Story showed her with clear skin—the way we all "would've ever known/seen" her.

Why does Madison Beer have so many followers? ›

She said in an interview with V Magazine that her active fanbase is due to “being recognized at such a young age, they were so young at the time as well, and we really grew up together and we've all learned a lot about ourselves and about each other over the years.” As Ellie, 16, who runs the fan account @infinitybeer, ...

How rich is Madison Beer? ›

Madison Beer Net Worth 2023
Net Worth:$20 Million
Monthly Income:$1,75,000 +
Date of Birth:March 5, 1999
Height:1.65m (5' 5")
6 more rows
Mar 18, 2023

How much did Madison Beer weigh? ›

Madison Beer Height, Weight and Other Measurements
Physical Status
Height1.65 m / 5'5”
Weight53 Kg / 118 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
6 more rows

Is Madison Beer friends with the Kardashians? ›

Yes, they are close friends. As fans, we are curious to see our loved celebrities' intimate moments and other life incidents. Kylie Jenner and Madison Beer are stunning young ladies famous in their respective fields.

What is Madison Beer's aesthetic? ›

Madison Beer's Graphic Prints

She has a huge collection of graphic print sweatpants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts, featuring all sorts of different logos and designs. Many of her graphic print pieces have a vintage look which fits her aesthetic, as well.

Is Madison Beer invited to Met Gala? ›

Madison Beer

Beer confirmed that she will not attend the 2023 Met Gala.

Did Justin and Madison date? ›

As for whether or not she and Justin Bieber could ever be a thing, her answer was a hard no. Madison Beer put all of the rumors to rest saying: "Oh my god, no never... No, not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.

Does Madison Beer have social anxiety? ›

I think it's given me a lot of social anxiety and it's hindered my life in a lot of ways”. Madison laments that some interviewers have only seen her as an “outlet for drama”, only asking about Justin Bieber and Hailee Steinfeld instead of her own music.

What does Madison Beer wash her face with? ›

She starts by taking her makeup off with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Night Calming Cleansing Wipes before washing her face with either Kiehl's Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser or Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. After that, she applies Mario Badescu Witch Hazel & Rosewater Toner.

Does Kylie Jenner like Madison Beer? ›

Kylie Jenner is an reality TV show star who is friends with Madison Beer.

What is Madison Beer favorite series? ›

Madison's favorite TV show is Rick and Morty. The most fun thing Madison has ever done is go jet skiing. Madison loves the television series American Horror Story and actually covered the theme song "Carousel."

How many monthly listeners does Madison Beer have? ›

She has 14,738,149 monthly listeners on Spotify, 3.1m followers on Twitter and 22.8m on Instagram.

Who did Madison Beer date at 15? ›

In 2015, Madison dated Vine star, Jack Gilinsky, when she was 15 and he was 18. They dated for two years before breaking up in 2017. However following their split, an audio recording of Jack allegedly verbally abusing Madison leaked online.

When did Madison break up? ›

Here's everything both the reality stars have said (or implied) about each other since the March 2020 Bachelor finale. March 13, 2020: The not-so-happy couple announce their breakup on Instagram. They were both lovely and respectful about it.

When did Madison Beer have her first kiss? ›

Madison Beer

We're at our friend's bat mitzvah, we're in sixth grade, 13 years old, I think? I had braces, he had braces. He was chewing Bubble Yum bubble gum, I remember because I'll never forget the taste," Madison previously told Young Hollywood. "We were really nervous and our friends were like, 'You should kiss.

How rich is Ariana Grande? ›

Answer: According to 'Celebrity Net Worth,' Ariana Grande's net worth stands at USD 240 million whereas Taylor Swift's net worth is about USD 400 million, as of April 2023.

Is Hailey Bieber a Millionaire? ›

According to several reports, Hailey Bieber's net worth is US $20 million. Her husband Justin Bieber's net worth is US $300 million.

Who is the richest person in Madison? ›

Her name is Judy Faulkner, and she loves to defy the status quo. Her ability to challenge the norm made her one of the most influential people in the healthcare industry. Her wealth exceeds $6.7 billion, making her the richest person in Madison, Wisconsin.

Who is Madison Beer's ex? ›

Before her current relationship with Nick — which she has confirmed — the New York native was in a long-term public relationship with fellow musician Jack Gilinsky.

Do the Kardashians drink Beer? ›

Back in 2016, Kim's sister Khloe told Elle that the Skims owner “does not drink alcohol whatsoever,” adding “”She's just never been into it.” But Kim herself has revealed that this has changed of late. Speaking to actress Gwyneth Paltrow on her Goop podcast, she said, “I started to drink a little bit at the age of 42.

Who is the best friend of Khloe Kardashian? ›

Khloe Kardashian and her besties Malika and Khadijah Haqq

Khloe met Malika when they were teenagers in 1999 and have been friends for over two decades, per Bustle.

Is Madison Beer from a rich family? ›

Unlike Justin, Madison grew up in a wealthy family in the state of New York. She basically had everything she could ever want at her fingertips.

Who is Madison Beer girlfriend now? ›

Singer-songwriter Madison Beer has been dating her boyfriend Nick Austin since 2020. With the release of her single "Showed Me (How I Fell in Love with You)" in October 2022 and her first memoir, The Half of It, in April 2023, Beer has been busy — and Austin has been by her side through it all.

What type of hair does Madison Beer have? ›

Along with killer vocal cords, Madison Beer is known for her lusciously long brunette hair.

What Dickies pants does Madison Beer wear? › - Madison beer wearing “ dickies 874 pants'... | Facebook.

Does Gen Z like beer? ›

The Beverage Styles Gen Z Gravitates Towards

Still, “They are more likely to drink tequila, Champagne, and pre-mixed cocktails than the average alcohol consumer. They are less likely to have beer, though that is still common among a large minority.”

Why is millennial pink? ›

Millennial pink democratized the color, repackaging it in non-gender-specific form. Pink's ties to femininity are relatively new. As a lightened-up form of red, pink was considered an empowering color befitting of young boys until the mid-1900s, notes Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Is A millennial A pink? ›

Millennial Pink is a dusty, rosy, pale shade of pink similar to Tumblr Pink. (One way to think of it is as in between Barbie pink and rose quartz . . . . closer to the rose quartz side of the spectrum.) It's sometimes referred to as 'pale dogwood' or 'delicate pink.

Did Madison Beer take singing lessons? ›

I do remember that once I started taking singing lessons when I was eight, that's when I knew I wanted to take it really seriously. The first time you played in front of a live audience… I've been performing since I was four years old. I used to do these after-school plays where the parents would come and watch.

Does Madison Beer like Ariana? ›

I love her for so many reasons," she said. "She's the nicest, most caring individual. She's just amazing... She's just been there for me and she's just awesome."

How did Justin Bieber and Madison Beer meet? ›

Discovery. On July 17, 2012, Justin Bieber tweeted a link to Madison's cover of "At Last". Soon, Madison's name trended on Twitter and people began talking about her. After a while, Madison flew out to LA, met with Justin, signed with Scooter Braun for management, and began to work on her debut album.

What celebrities skipped the Met Gala? ›

Stars Who Skipped the Met Gala (and Why)
  • 01 of 13. Sarah Jessica Parker. Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic. ...
  • 02 of 13. Blake Lively. Blake Lively. ...
  • 03 of 13. Justin and Hailey Bieber. ...
  • 04 of 13. Katy Perry. ...
  • 05 of 13. Cindy Crawford. ...
  • 06 of 13. Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler. ...
  • 07 of 13. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. ...
  • 08 of 13. Bella Hadid.
May 2, 2023

Do celebrities pay for Met Gala? ›

Just because you receive an invitation does not mean you don't have to pay to get in. Tickets are more than $52,000 (US$32,000). Many celebrities who attend don't pay for their own ticket. Instead, the entry cost and costumes are bankrolled by major fashion houses.

Who has never been invited to the Met Gala? ›

Despite being one of Hollywood's most acclaimed actresses, Meryl Streep has never once stepped out at the Met Gala. Fellow film icons like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio have also skipped out on the bash.

Who was Justin Bieber's first love? ›

All Beliebers out there will know Justin's first girlfriend was Caitlin Beadles as she was envied by many when he first came on the scene. They met when he moved to Atlanta to pursue his career in 2008 and reportedly split after a year together, due to him becoming massively famous.

Why did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break-up? ›

Justin and Selena's relationship was first plagued with rumours that the former cheated on his girlfriend back in 2012, which sparked their first break-up. They went on to reconcile in 2015 and proceeded to date for a few turbulent years, with both stars releasing music about one another and their tumultuous romance.

Did Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber date? ›

Justin previously suggested that he and Kendall casually dated three years before he married her best friend Hailey.

How does Madison Beer make her money? ›

Madison Beer is a highly-successful social media influencer with more than 30 million followers on Instagram alone. She has parlayed a moderately successful singing career into a highly successful endorsement career with various apparel brands and the make-up company Morphe.

How much money has Madison Beer made? ›

Madison Beer Net Worth
NameMadison Elle Beer
Net Worth (2023)$20 Million
Monthly Income And Salary$175,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary$2 Million +
1 more row
Mar 18, 2023

Who is Madison Beer's net worth? ›

Madison Beer's net worth is estimated to be around $18 million. Madison's wealth can be attributed to her successful music career, which includes album sales, concert tours, and endorsements.

How much is Justin Bieber's net worth? ›

Justin Bieber's net worth is estimated to be around $285 million as of June 2022. Justin Bieber is a singer and songwriter from Canada who rose to fame at a young age.

What kind of car does Madison Beer drive? ›

It seems as if Madison Beer fancies Range Rover as in 2019, she bought a new Range Rover Vogue.

How many listeners does Madison Beer have? ›

She has 14,738,149 monthly listeners on Spotify, 3.1m followers on Twitter and 22.8m on Instagram.

How is Vanessa Hudgens rich? ›

Vanessa has been acting since she was a kid, became mega-famous thanks to High School Musical, is the star of her own Netflix franchise, is basically the unofficial mascot of Coachella, does a ton of Instagram sponcon, and has made some very savvy real estate investments.


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